We help people achieve a sense of well-being of the body, mind and spirit through the virtues of cannabis.

Cannabis of superior quality, all the time

Cannabis of superior quality, all the time

Superior grade

A commitment to quality, without compromise

Our commitment to quality goes far beyond growing cannabis plants. We have developed our own innovative processes. Whether grown for recreational or medical purposes, our cannabis offers equal consistency at all times, and we always provide the highest grade.

Cannabis in good quality
Pureté  garantie

Guarantied purity

Our cannabis plants are cured slowly and with great care. They then spend some quality time inside glass jars. This allows us to achieve and maintain the optimal level of humidity. This method also preserves the best cannabinoids and terpene profiles (the aromatic profile), thus maximizing these properties in the end product.


Cannabis taillé

Hand crafted

Our cannabis is cut, handled and packaged entirely by hand. We make sure every plant receives the love she deserves. This attention is reflected in a flower with a deeper aromatic profile, a frostier appearance and perfect humidity levels, time after time. 

Pioneering cultivation

Our cannabis is grown indoors, using the ultimate in modern technologies, in a state-of-the-art facility. Our plants grow in a perfectly controlled climate, within 12 independent growing rooms, under positive static pressure. These rooms are equipped with pharmaceutical-grade air filtration. The climate is fully automated and our sensors detect the slightest significant variation, allowing us to maintain optimal control at every stage of growth.

Culture aéroponique innovante

Innovative vertical aeroponic culture

Aeroponic growing is an innovative and promising method. It allows us to master all the parameters of the nutrient environment in order to obtain the best results. Our cannabis plants grow vertically with their roots suspended in the air. They are sprayed with the purest nutrients and water. This nutrient mist promotes the best absorption and helps the plants grow prodigiously.

Multiplication des meilleures souches de plantes

Choosing the best plant strains

To provide superior quality, we multiply our best cannabis plants using in vitro methods. This allows us to target the plants with the best genetic profiles for reproduction, and thus to cultivate plants with the strongest biological components.


Emphasis on sustainable development

Sustainable development practices are at the heart of our business model. Actions to reduce our environmental footprint are implemented relentlessly in our methodology:

  • Among other things, aeroponic growing allows us to reuse 95% of the water sprayed on the roots of cannabis plants.
  • During the winter, heat produced by the lamps designed to provide light for the cannabis plants is recovered and heats our building.
  • When transporting cannabis to our processors, the leaves are packaged in large sizes to minimize the use of plastic.

People's health is at the heart of all our processes, at all times

For us, each product prepared by our team of enthusiasts has a face. We combine our facility's technology to our passion, in the service of human beings.

ono vertus

A pledge of quality, without compromise

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Our cannabis plants are grown with the best available technologies, so that our products are always perfectly balanced and of superior quality.

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